Winter School Schedule

Date Time Program Lecturers Time Allocation
12/17/2021 (FRIDAY)

BEIJING 20:30-20:50 PM
GMT 12:30-12:50 PM
EST 07:30-07:50 AM

Opening Ceremony

Dr. Ying (Gina) Tang
Dr. Jing Bi
Dr. Shichao Chen
30 min

BEIJING 21:00-22:30 PM
GMT 13:00-14:30 PM
EST 08:00-09:30 AM

Parallel Intelligence in CPSS for Industries 5.0: From Metaphysics to Metaverse

Prof. Fei-Yue Wang

90 min

BEIJING 22:30-24:00 PM
GMT 14:30-16:00 PM
EST 09:30-11:00 AM

Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Karen Panetta 90 min
12/18/2021 (SATURDAY)

BEIJING 13:00 PM-16:00 PM
GMT 05:00-08:00 AM
EST 00:00 AM-03:00 AM

Deep Learning: Model Evolution and Industrial Applications

Prof. Qi Kang

210 min

BEIJING 20:30-22:30 PM
GMT 12:30-14:30 PM
EST 07:30-09:30 AM

Computer Vision in Spatial Augmented Reality

Prof. Bingyao Huang 120 min

BEIJING 22:30 PM-00:00 AM
GMT 14:30-16:00 PM
EST 09:30-11:00 AM

Applications of Emerging Computer Vision Technologies in Semiconductors

Dr. Bin Liu 90 min
12/19/2021 (SUNDAY)

BEIJING 13:00-15:00 PM
GMT 05:00-07:00 AM
EST 00:00-02:00 AM

Digital Twin Modelling

Prof. Concetta Semeraro 120 min

BEIJING 15:00-16:30 PM
GMT 07:00-08:30 AM
EST 02:00-03:30 AM

Trends and Opportunities of Cloud Computing

Prof. Haitao Yuan 90 min

BEIJING 21:30-23:00 PM
GMT 13:30-15:00 PM
EST 08:30-10:00 AM

A Conceptual Framework of Autonomous and Automated Agents

Prof. David Kaber 90 min

BEIJING 23:00 PM-00:30 AM
GMT 15:00-16:30 PM
EST 10:00-11:30 AM

From Telerobotics to Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Dr. Adrian Stoica 90 min
12/20/2021 (MONDAY)

BEIJING 20:30-22:00 PM
GMT 12:30-14:00 PM
EST 07:30-09:00 AM

From Indoor to Outdoor, Intelligent Operations of Mobile Robots in Complex Industrial Scenes

Dr. Xiuliang Li 90 min

BEIJING 22:00-23:00 PM
GMT 14:00-15:00 PM
EST 09:00-10:00 AM

Cloud-Edge Collaboration-based Collaborative Robots for Sorting Automation

Dr. Shichao Chen 60 min

BEIJING 23:00-23:30 PM
GMT 15:00-15:30 PM
EST 10:00-10:30 AM

Closing Ceremony

Dr. Ying (Gina) Tang
Dr. Jing Bi
Dr. Shichao Chen
30 min

Sponsors & Organizers

IEEE SMCS Technical Committee on Intelligent Systems to Human-aware Sustainability

IEEE SMC Women in Engineering